Most Popular Progressive Slots

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Although winning jackpots may require some level of skill and luck in equal measure, knowing what to play also matters a lot. What distinguishes progressive slots is the fact that the jackpot amount keeps rising as people keep putting money in the slots. Progressive slots are the perfect option for those who wish to win big as opposed to the stagnant jackpot rates. The best part of playing these games is that you can start with the least amount of money you have. Even though there are many types, the most popular progressive slots include:

Standalone progressives

The machine acts as a single device that isn’t connected to other machines. Once the jackpot amount has been determined, it keeps growing according to the number of people who keep playing.

Most Popular Proggressive Slots

Wide area network progressives

It involves the connection of several machines from different casinos together. In this category, the jackpot keeps increasing as people from a wide range of network plays.

Online progressives

This category includes the games that you can play online using your electronic devices such as phone or tablet. In most of these games, there is the “play with real money” option that takes you to interfaces of real casinos that will give you the real betting feeling. Some of the most popular online progressive slots are:

Mega moolah

This game is about wild animals and Africa safari and is available in several themes. It also has multiple jackpots, which you can play in thereby increasing your chances of winning. Multiple currency allocation makes this game ideal for people from different parts of the world. It’s further subdivided into different names like the mega moolah Isis and mega moolah summertime.

Major millions

Mostly available in two major types, this game allows one to play the three reel and five reel versions. With a pleasant theme and the ability to play on both versions, this game is a lot of fun to play. It allows entries of coins only and displays the progressive jackpot on the screen.

Wheel of fortune

As the name suggests, once you place a bet, you spin the wheel and depending on where it lands, you win or lose. As the game progresses, so does the jackpot. This together with a bonus spin every time you play makes this game one of the most popular among the online games. Other than spinning the wheel, you can buy a vowel or solve a puzzle as part of the game. All these provide different prizes are in different amounts and can easily be won.


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